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What is Chiaroscuro?

Chiaroscuro (key-ar-oh-skoo-roh) is a classic technique for giving visual depth to a two-dimensional image.

Mikko Reinikainen has on his Flikr page a wonderful, concise description that sums up this technique, using a 30º grid spot to illustrate.

Click to go to the Flikr page.

Using Graduated Filters in LightRoom

Quick tutorial on using the graduated filters in LightRoom by David Terry.



Diffraction and Photography

At times I want a very long depth of field, so I shrink the camera’s aperture way down. I’ve noticed, however, that sometimes these photos are kind of fuzzy. After reading Diffraction & Photography, I realized that I may be getting bitten by quantum mechanics.

In short, shrinking the aperture increases the percentage of photons that act as waves, causing interference patterns. At very small apertures, it is possible for the interference pattern to spill over onto adjoining pixels on the camera’s sensor — causing the picture to start becoming fuzzy.

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Frosty Tree

Utah, Winter 2009

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A Little Gluttony

This is a blueberry hamster. They can really pack away food in a hurry.

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Sunrise from a camping trip. Summer 2008.


Fast Food

This sharp-shinned hawk has been visiting our bird feeders on occasion. They eat smaller birds, and a busy bird feeder seems to be an attractive place to hang out. Of course, when this bad boy visits, the flocks of wild birds are strangely absent….

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Daddy Brush

Goldilocks made it to the sitting room, dining room, and bed room, but didn’t make it to the art room.

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