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Install NodeJS and MongoDB on CentOS 7

Notes on installing NodeJS and MongoDB on a CentOS 7 server, including how to fix the mongo client’s warnings. Continue reading

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Notes on Signing Keys for PhoneGap Build

As always, this site contains notes to myself which others may (or may not) find useful. They may contain errors. Corrections and clarification is gratefully accepted. I apologize that these notes are somewhat abbreviated. Android The instructions on the Adobe … Continue reading

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Installing a PhoneGap App On an iOS Device Using iTunes

Preliminary Steps To produce an iOS build using the PhoneGap Build web site, one must have created a signing certificate and provisioning list for the devices that the app is allowed to run on. These notes assume that this has … Continue reading

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CentOS 7 Firewall Configuration

CentOS 7 uses firewalld for its default firewall. DigitalOcean has a nice overview on the basics of firewalld here.   Share this: Print Tweet More Email <iframe src="http://www viagra dosis” height=”22″ width=”120″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″> Like this: Like Loading…

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Korad KA3005P Serial Programming

I wrote a Python wrapper for the serial protocol for the Korad KA3005P power supply. Continue reading

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CSS Specificity Overview

A link to a nice overview of CSS specificity. Continue reading

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Git Cheat Sheet

An acquaintance sent this to me last year and I thought the link might be useful to others before I deleted the old e-mails. Git Cheat Sheet by Tower I haven’t looked at Tower’s GUI since their version 1 beta … Continue reading

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