Tip for Serving Dutch Oven Breads

This is a great tip for serving dutch oven breads that I learned from Ranes Carter: flip the dutch oven and use the lid as a serving platter.

  1. When your bread is done, remove the ash and transfer the hot dutch oven to the serving area.
  2. The lid has a handle, which prevents it from sitting level on the table. Set out an inverted trivet or non-plastic bowl to hold the lid.
  3. Ensure the breadstuff will come out easily. Loosen from the edges with a fork if needs be.
  4. Replace the lid on the dutch oven, then quickly flip the entire dutch oven upside down. Rest it on the inverted trivet or non-plastic bowl.
  5. Remove the dutch oven, leaving the lid. VoilĂ ! The breadstuff is ready for serving.
  6. If you’re super picky about the fact that it’s upside down, go ahead and carefully flip the breadstuff. (Note: Not all breadstuff is conducive to this kind of abuse.)

Thanks, Ranes!

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