GParted: Mouse Alignment Wrong in VMWare Fusion

GParted is a nice Open Source partition editor. Because altering partitions is often a task that must be done by booting from a CD, it’s available as a “live” CD image.

In VMware Fusion, if you try to use GParted to resize a Windows partition, you may have encounter a problem with the mouse pointer not appearing in the right place. If you put the mouse cursor over something and click, the click happens further above and to the left. It’s a maddening process to try to figure out how far down and to the right you have to position the cursor to click in the right place.

My workaround is to change the virtual machines’ operating system setting in Fusion before booting to the GParted disk. Do this by shutting down the virtual machine, then click on the setting button to bring up the configuration screen. The drop down menu should be changed to Linux ➔ Debian to reflect the live CD’s operating system.

Now the mouse should work as expected in GParted.


When you have finished with GParted, power off the virtual machine and return the virtual machine’s operating system setting to its original value. The virtual machine will certainly run if you don’t, but you may suffer a performance hit. VMware uses the operating system setting to tweak its internals and boost the performance of the virtual machine.

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