Hardware Nearly Complete

I’ve been working on a small robot on occasion to exercise some professional skills and simple personal enjoyment. The robot’s purpose is simple — point the sensor board toward the strongest light source.

I’ll post more information when I haven’t more pressing things. These are just pictures for “show and tell”.


The hardware is pretty much complete at this point. The mechanical portion consists of four light sensors and two servos.

Mechanics and Sensors

The control board consists of a power regulator, ATmega328P microcontroller, and voltage dividers for the sensors to turn resistance into voltage. There is an optional connector for serial diagnostics. There is a connector in the far right corner for in-system programming (ISP). I’ve been doing some tutoring, and have a number of microcontrollers with stickers that document the pins names that correspond to the Arduino Uno platform.

Component Side of the Control Board

The wiring is done by hand. I use a wirewrap tool to make the initial mechanical connection for soldering. Leads for ICs &c. are typically far to short to use plain wirewrap.

Underside Showing the Wiring


I’ve done proof-of-concept and diagnostic software up to this point. I’ll do testing to ensure the basic functionality is working correctly still, and work on the firmware in earnest.