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I’m very grateful to say that I’m currently booked into spring 2014, but may be available for small consultations. You may contact me here.

I’m an experienced problem solver and innovator. I love seeing your ideas taken through the creative process and become reality. I’m adaptable with a solid understanding of the sciences.

I prefer to work on a contractor (1099) basis, but am flexible.

One-Page Summary

  • Professional. Reliable.
  • Good strategic and technical project planning skills. Able to grow a small project into a large autonomous software team.
  • Solid background in computer science. Quickly adapt to new tools and environments.
  • Wide range of skills, from C#/C++/PHP/Python down to assembler.
  • Platform skills from high-end server to microcontrollers.
  • Equally at home with Unix, OS X and Windows.
  • Ability to lead, work as a team player, or deliver on solo projects.
  • Able to grow a small project into a large autonomous software team.
  • Broad exposure to many fields including media, science, law enforcement, medicine, and web applications.

Technical Skill Set Summary

Web Unix & Windows
  • AngularJS, RequireJS, Knockout, nodejs
  • HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Django
  • PHP
  • C#, C++, C, Python, Perl, Delphi
  • Agile development, UML, XML
  • RDBMS systems include Oracle, MySQL, and Firebird/Interbase
  • System administration skills

Project Summary Highlights

I have worked on a variety of contracts over the years. These are large key projects in the last ten years.

Idaho Technology (2011-2012)

Internationalization of existing very large (>1M line) code base.

WorldVuer (2010-2011)

Spearhead transformation of company from a small ad-hoc software shop to full media site. Build infrastructure for research and development. Guide the off-shore development team. Debugging and sysadmin that the off-shore team is unable to do.

Idaho Technology (1997-2010)

Took fledgeling research prototype software into several generations of production biomedical research projects under a full software department. Filled several roles as the product line developed from conceptualization, architecture, development, testing.

Incubation, Inc. / HealthRight (1998-2005)

Conceptualized and developed prototypes for medical informatics products, culminating a full-scale personal health record system. Lead software team. Provided system administration, produced software tools to support coding research personnel. Helped develop standards and practices.

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