Inadequacy and Doubt

In a group discussion, one person expressed their feelings of inadequacy in face of their daily duties that they have chosen. The group is religious-centred, thus this reply:

According to my friend, Dr. Paul, all our worries and fears are rooted in the false idea, “I can’t handle it.” But there’s good news. That idea is not true.

Christians especially have no place for worry, for we read such scriptures as

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Philip 4:13, KJV


…in [God’s] strength I can do all things…

Alma 26:12

We need not be so arrogant as to think we’re experiencing something unique; that we’re the exception, the special case. Christ has personally borne the weight of our experiences. Paul tells us that our experiences are “anthropinos” (ἀνθρώπινος) which means common to us all as humans:

No experience has come to you except it be common to the human condition. God can be trusted, for He will not permit us to be stretched beyond our abilities. He will provide along with the experience a way by which we can shoulder it.

1 Cor. 10:13
(my personal translation from the Greek)

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