P4 Windows Explorer Integration Not Connecting to the Correct Workspace

A client uses Perforce. The P4EXP (Windows Explorer integration tool) was not picking up the correct workspace. The pop-up menu reports, “no workspace has been set for this connection”.

Vijay Kudva has a page describing how to configure this.

The problem is that P4EXP ignores p4v’s configuration. You can configure P4EXP from the command line. The commands are:

p4 set P4CLIENT=<P4 workspace name>
p4 set P4PORT=<P4 Server IP:Port>
p4 set P4USER=<P4 User Name>

For example,

p4 set P4CLIENT=jk_workspace
p4 set P4PORT=
p4 set P4USER=james_knowles

5 thoughts on “P4 Windows Explorer Integration Not Connecting to the Correct Workspace

  1. Steven

    Thanks for this post. This helped me get P4EXP working correctly. (And I appreciated seeing your source referenced as well, it drives me crazy when people don’t cite their sources.)

  2. Charles Tolman

    Hello, I tried to get this working with a unicode-enabled server; but when I try to check out a file using P4EXP, I get the message, “Unicode server permits only unicode enabled clients.” I made sure that I had set all the correct values using ‘p4 set’ at the command line, including

    p4 set P4CHARSET=utf8-bom

    But it still does not work. Any help would be appreciated!

  3. Chris

    p4 set P4CHARSET=utf8-bom

    As of version “2012.2”, this command doesn’t seem to actually set the charset to utf8-bom. If you run “p4 set” right after you will see that it sets the charset to “utf8″, dropping the -bom part. Try this instead:

    p4 set P4CHARSET=”utf8-bom”

    A second problem is that P4EXP doesn’t seem to understand the utf8-bom, which I expect was added after the most recent version.

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