Remove “Test Mode” from Vista

Vista may display the words “Test Mode” in the four corners of the screen if you install a driver that’s not signed correctly. I was able to remove the words from the screen by following instructions that I found here.

  1. Push the Windows key. This will open the program search bar.
  2. Type

    This is the name of the command-line prompt.

  3. Type CTRL+SHIFT+Enter. This will run the command line prompt with elevated (administrator) privileges. Elevated privileges are required to make the change.
  4. Vista will prompt you to continue.
  5. Type
    bcdedit.exe /set testsigning off

    and press return.

  6. You should see the words The operation completed successfully.
  7. Reboot Vista.

What Does This Do?

The BCDEdit program edits boot configuration data. The TESTSIGNING option controls how Vista handles test-signed kernel-mode drivers. More information on BCDEdit can be found at the BCDEdit FAQ.


It’s possible that this does something nasty. I have not noticed any ill effects to date.

4 thoughts on “Remove “Test Mode” from Vista

  1. Paul Ruscher

    James, thanks so much as I follwed your instructions and all is well. I might add that my computer was running slower under test mode as it appeared to be back on track after the fix. This could also just be my

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