Handy Japanese Web Site Dictionary Tool

Is 朝日新聞社 all Greek… er… Japanese to you? Here’s a useful Firefox plug in.

I’ve used Rikaichan to help interpret Japanese web pages for quite some time. When activated, placing the mouse cursor over Japanese text causes a window to appear with the WWWJDIC dictionary definition. とても便利ね。 (Very useful, isn’t it?)

Install the plugin, labeled “the main extension”, then the dictionary of your choice. If you speak English, choose the Japanese-English dictionary. Dictionaries for Japanese to French, German, and Russian are also available.

Here is a shot of Rikaichan in action. The mouse is over the word 「警官」. Rikaichan shows that it’s pronounced keikan, and that as a noun it means policeman. The word can also function as a の adjective (indicated by adj-no).


There is an optional dictionary for those pesky Japanese name kanji. If this is installed, hold down the shift key before putting the mouse cursor over the kanji, and a list of possible names will appear instead of the dictionary definition.

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