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Zimbra Tweaks

This is a collection of various Zimbra tweaks.

Set Zimbra to Automatically Redirect to HTTPS

When a user wants to log in with a web browser, I want to force HTTPS to be used. All connections to http://mail.domain.com are redirected to https://mail.domain.com.

$ zmtlsctl redirect
$ zmcontrol stop
$ zmcontrol start

Reference: CLI zmtlsctl to Set Web Server Mode

Set the Default Time Zone

Zimbra is very picky about the time zone string. The complete list is at the very bottom of Time Zones in ZCS.

zmprov mc default zimbraPrefTimeZoneId '(GMT-07.00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)'

Reference: Time Zones in ZCS


Configuring Apache for WordPress

WordPress Logo
I installed a new WordPress blog today on a server. The site is served by Apache using virtual hosting. I kept getting 404 errors trying to access any page that required mod_rewrite, pretty much other than the home page and administrative pages.

It turned out that I forgot the following in the Apache httpd.conf file:

    Options +FollowSymlinks
    AllowOverride FileInfo

How to enable virtual hosting with Apache.

I don’t monkey with the Apache configuration file enough to keep this information accessible in my brain. Here are some personal notes.

I set up a new LAMP server yesterday. Today I added some name-based virtual hosts to the configuration file, but was getting the following warning when restarting Apache:

[warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80, the first has precedence

This warning was being triggered because I had not told Apache to use name-based virtual hosting. To enable name-based virtual hosting, locate and uncomment the NameVirtualHost directive in the Apache configuration file.

The Apache documentation site has information about setting up name-based virtual hosts. You can also find the details for the NameVirtualHost directive.