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The Hawk Came Calling

“Firefly” has some nice posts. The Hawk Came Calling was timely for me. 
Earlier this winter I had a literal “hawk” moment. As I peeped through the blinds one morning, a young sharp-shinned hawk decided to come to our busy bird feeder to grab a tasty snack.

That moment presented an opportunity. I could savour the moment for myself, or I could cut it short and take a chance of missing out on more viewing time to share it with other people. 

I ran through the house crying “Hawk! Hawk!” to alert my family and grab my camera. I was pleased that our visitor stayed long enough for them to also partake of the moment, and for me to take some shots. (You can see one of the photos here.)

While hawks may not oft come into our lives literally, we have “hawk” moments daily. Some appear small, others appear as giants.

We cannot know in advance the outcomes of all of life’s Individual choices, and we humans are notorious for bad predictions. It’s human nature to fear losing what we have. We want to get all we can get for ourselves while the “getting is good”.

The habit of taking life as it comes allows us to receive the benefit of all those wonderful experiences that we otherwise turn down, clinging to the fear of losing what little we have. Instead of focusing on potential loss, we can step forward boldly and enjoy a new adventure.

Dive In or Play It Safe?

In this video, Mr. Harward tells a story to raise the question of diving in versus playing it safe.


I was a guest at joint CEO Space / Producer Power Hour presentation in January 2009. Brett Harward was a guest speaker. The entire presentation was interesting, and I took a lot of notes. (I can see the back of my head in the video at one point.)

Inadequacy and Doubt

In a group discussion, one person expressed their feelings of inadequacy in face of their daily duties that they have chosen. The group is religious-centred, thus this reply:

According to my friend, Dr. Paul, all our worries and fears are rooted in the false idea, “I can’t handle it.” But there’s good news. That idea is not true.

Christians especially have no place for worry, for we read such scriptures as

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Philip 4:13, KJV


…in [God’s] strength I can do all things…

Alma 26:12

We need not be so arrogant as to think we’re experiencing something unique; that we’re the exception, the special case. Christ has personally borne the weight of our experiences. Paul tells us that our experiences are “anthropinos” (ἀνθρώπινος) which means common to us all as humans:

No experience has come to you except it be common to the human condition. God can be trusted, for He will not permit us to be stretched beyond our abilities. He will provide along with the experience a way by which we can shoulder it.

1 Cor. 10:13
(my personal translation from the Greek)