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Adafruit Motor Shield

For some proof of concepts we bought Adafruit‘s motor shield kit.


The kit was easy to assembly following the instructions on the ladyada.net site. I recommend heeding the advice to use the 16-pin IC sockets and not soldering the L293D motor drivers to the board unless you’re experienced driving motors.


Some of the information is scattered. For driving motors, Adafruit has a library available on github. Instructions can be found here.


Instructions for servos is sketchy. There are two servo connectors SER1 and SERVO2. According to the schematic, SER1 is connected to Arduino pin D10, and SERVO2 is connected to Arduino pin D9.


As the kit is, there is no way to stack a shield on top of the motor shield, or make easy connections for proofing. For my purposes, I added female headers to the shield using the holes parallel to the male headers. An alternative would be to use stacking headers instead of the provided male headers.

Headers added to the motor shield.