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The Furious Guitar

Finding interesting, engaging instrumental music — especially in the oft-tired genre of rock — can be challenging. The Furious Guitar from Magnatune grabbed me fairly quickly, and in the way that Vangelis’ Direct and Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells did so many years ago. When I say, “Don’t look for any of this on the radio any time soon,” it’s a great compliment.

The Furious Guitar by The Alien Mike ET

Voices of Music: Bach & Telemann


Bach and Telemann – Sonatas, Preludes and Fantasias by Voices of Music


This new album by Voices of Music embodies much of what I love about the music of the Baroque era. It drives to the core of the soul, regardless of the emotion. Some will make your feet dance. Others are brooding, or just odd. (Telemann has a knack for weird intervals that I’ve never gotten in sync with.) Some will make you close your eyes and simply enjoy the experience of the soul being carried away. 

The clean recording allows me to crank up the volume without penalty. 

… and it features the recorder which gives automatic points in my book. 🙂

Music: An Evening With Bach

While perusing Magnatune‘s current offerings, I ran into this gem. The album’s design was not to be the typical album of a set of works like Beethoven’s Symphonies 1-6, but as an entire performance of pieces chosen to compliment each other. The fact that they’re all by J.S. Bach is secondary.

You may use this player to listen to the album. (2008-11-22 Edit: The free player below has the credits after every track. It’s kind of annoying, but you’re getting a full free preview. The music flows from track to track without the woman’s voice after you buy the album.) Feel free to click through the links. They’re not loaded; I receive nothing if you click.

An Evening With Bach by Voices of Music