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Fixing Windows 7 Network on VMware

After installing Windows 7 in a VMware virtual machine, it could not activate the networking card. The Device Manager claimed that it could not recognize the NIC, despite VMware Tools being installed.

To fix the problem, I shut down the virtual machine and added the following to the .vmx file:

ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"

When the virtual machine was restarted, Windows 7 detected and activated the network card without a problem.

Getting NeoOffice to Work on Snow Leopard

If your computer is running Snow Leopard, you may find that NeoOffice does not launch. If you click on the NeoOffice icon, it will look like the program is starting, then nothing happens. If you have the NeoOffice icon in the Dock, it will bounce a few times, then stop.

The folks at NeoOffice have posted a page on their wiki that lists Snow Leopard problems along with some solutions.

How to Fix the Problem

According to the Snow Leopard Upgrade Issues wiki page, you will need to

  1. first ensure that you’re running the latest release of either version 2.2 or 3.0, then
  2. install the patch.