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Installing Rigol DS 1052E Ultrascope Software on Windows 7

The software that comes on CD in useless. The following steps seemed to be the pieces that worked. However, I’m not entirely sure since the entire experience was a bit of a hairball.

  • Go to the National Instruments website and install the latest VISA installer. (At the time of writing is version 5.3.)
  • Go to the Rigol website and install the UltraSigma software. I’m not sure this is needed. However, if will show whether the oscilloscope is recognized.
  • Go to the Rigol website and install the Ultrascope for DS1000E series software.

Fixing Windows 7 Network on VMware

After installing Windows 7 in a VMware virtual machine, it could not activate the networking card. The Device Manager claimed that it could not recognize the NIC, despite VMware Tools being installed.

To fix the problem, I shut down the virtual machine and added the following to the .vmx file:

ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"

When the virtual machine was restarted, Windows 7 detected and activated the network card without a problem.