Going the Extra Mile: The Japan Shop

Walking the Extra Mile

Here are some public kudos for the folks at The Japan Shop. This kind of prompt service and going the extra mile was greatly appreciated.

Late Friday, I was looking for two books that are a little hard to find. One was of a more urgent nature than the other. I was having some trouble finding them at a reasonable price, but finally I found both of them at The Japan Shop. The less pressing one was in stock, so I put in an order. The other was not in stock, but there was a mechanism for the company to notify me when the item was available.

As luck would have it, I received an e-mail the next day, Saturday. At night I purchased the book, and in the “Customer Notes” section I wrote,

If order #13815 hasn’t been sent out yet, it’d be nice to combine this order with that…however, that’d just be a convenience. Otherwise, just send order as-is. Thanks!

I received an e-mail a scant five minutes later saying that they should be able to combine the orders, even though the first one was probably packed already.

The next morning, Sunday, I received an e-mail stating that they were refunding the shipping on the first order. I received notification that the order went out Monday morning, which included a link to the USP site. There I could add my e-mail to receive shipping updates. I received notification that it was delivered to my mail box on Wednesday.

Many thanks to Clay Boutwell for making the transaction such a pleasant experience.

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