Zimbra Administration Gotchas

Zimbra has proven to be a fabulous platform that matches what we’ve needed over the past few years. I’ve run into two small setup problems that were fairly easy to fix.

Server Status Shows Nothing But Red X

We’ve run Zimbra on CentOS for years, upgrading across multiple Zimbra versions. (Again, my hat’s off to the team tasked with handling upgrades.) The Server Status panel showed nothing but red X marks everywhere. The cause turned out to be syslogd was running, preventing rsyslogd from starting. I disabled syslogd from the startup, and enabled rsyslogd. Problem fixed.

Mail Server Statistics Giving Error

Specifically, the ever-so intuitive:

exception during auth {RemoteManager: mail.xxxxx.com->zimbra@mail.xxxx.com:22} Error code: service.FAILURE Details:soap:Receiver

Zimbra is built to be distributed across several machines, so even when run on a single machine it uses cryptographic keys to enable secure passwordless access to the statistics. The Mail Queue Monitoring wiki entry had a number of suggestions for diagnosing and correcting the problem. Following its instructions I regenerated the cryptographic keys. When that didn’t work then it dawned on me that I run sshd on an alternate port to help keep the number of unauthorized access attempts down. Zimbra assumes port 22, so obviously the ssh login was failing.

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